andy davis (& katie herzig) / 03.21.2012

on wednesday night, leah and abby and i met up with leah's friend sarah to see andy davis (and katie herzig) at stage one in fairfield. leah and sarah have seen andy lots of times (and have had super fun dance parties and late-night drives to the airport with him as well), but abby and i had never seen him before. quite honestly, we never really listened to his music much either. i have a few songs from 10 out of tenn albums, but that was about the extent of it. i guess i just felt like i knew i loved his music without even having listened to much of it? i don't know.

andy's set was fantastic. his voice, his songs, his dance moves, his beyonce cover songs, his fake sleeve of tattoos that made abby practically fall out of her chair in love, the way he played the keyboard and lifted his leg when he got really into certain parts. it was just amazing and i didn't want it to end. why wasn't he headlining again? i wanted more.

and then there was katie.

her set was a bit long for my attention span (especially since i was mostly there for andy), but she's so great and so talented. i realized i knew most of her songs (probably because i have her latest album–duh) and it was awesome being able to hear them live. i just love her style and her lyrics and her hair makes me want to cut mine.

after the show was over, we (including andy–it was his idea!) all ran out to get some pinkberry, which was right down the street. oh my gosh you guys. i haven't had real frozen yogurt since i went to sweet cece's in franklin last march. over a year ago! (i don't consider tcby real frozen yogurt because it tastes like ice cream and they don't have the original tart flavor, which is my favorite.) so good.

basically, it was an all-around amazing night, full of lots of good times and lots of laughing. it was well worth being super tired at work all day yesterday. well worth it.