making progress.

jon acuff wrote, in his post about surrender, "surrender is not the end of a beautiful life. it is the beginning." and as i quoted that in my post last week, i thought about the progress i've made since i first read those words. it really changed my way of thinking about a lot of things. or everything.

for weeks, i had been frustrated with God because i felt like He had given me this dream, but He was keeping the doors sealed shut so that it couldn't come true. my relationship with Him changed because i didn't understand. why would He do that? was i not supposed to move at all? why can't i go yet? my prayers were filled with only these questions because i didn't know what else to say.

and then i read that post, and those words, and i realized that i was the problem. i was holding on so tightly. too tightly. and in that, i wasn't trusting God. once i realized that, i started working towards letting go and trusting more. obviously, this isn't an overnight process, but little by little, i was making progress.

and i found out that surrender really is the beginning of a beautiful life. you know why? because things started to happen. and the next thing i know, i'm moving to nashville in may.