1. a little piece of nashville came to connecticut in the form of gabe dixon playing at the space. such a lovely way to start out the month.

2. i watched the super bowl. or, at least, stayed in the room for the entire thing. believe it or not, i don't think i've ever done that before. usually, i'd spend all of super bowl sunday writing essays or reading for school, but even when i didn't have work to do, i'd never last long. football is BORING. (i much prefer the soccer kind of football, if you know what i mean.)

because i know you're wondering, my friend leah and i spent the entire game chatting about i don't even know what. that was the week we saw each other like, every day. somehow we always have something to talk about. and, every once in a while, she'd look at the tv and make a comment about the game. my favorite was when, towards the end, she asked, "wait, since when are the giants winning?" clearly, we were paying a lot of attention.

3. i read the hunger games. i've mentioned it a few times (and i'll mention it again when i post about my february reads), but it needs it's own spot on the list because it literally took up an entire week. not kidding. i did nothing else during the week i read the series. including posting "i'd rather be reading the hunger games" blogs.

4. the grammys were on! i posted about it here. i still think dave should've won for 'best country song.'

also, the academy awards were on this past sunday, but i'm a music person, so i wasn't as dedicated to watching or posting about it. also, i'm pretty sure the only reason i watched the majority of it was because i was sick and couldn't sleep.

5. i have taken the first steps to make it official that i am moving to nashville in may. unless something happens to stop me, it's happening. (asdfghjkl. i CANNOT tell you how excited/scared/thrilled i am about this.)

6. i got to spend some quality time with alexis and aiden, which i mentioned in this post. and they were here again last thursday night until saturday morning. the whole family was here this time, so it was fun catching up with melissa and kyle too. and i did snap a few photos this time!

they put their hoods on and stood together and said, "can you take our picture?" cutest. thing. ever. i am in love with them.

7. some of the best new music got released this month. the fraysugar & the hi lowsgroyeah.

8. i got sick last week, which i have been posting about and am still recovering from. writing was the only thing i could do that helped take my mind off of it, so i wrote. a lot.

9. i worked out this many times this month:

the beginning of the month is no excuse. mid-month, i decided that, since it seemed like everyone was getting sick, i should take advantage of my health and run on the treadmill while i still could. and then the next week i got sick. so that's that.

10. i read four books this month. twice as many as i planned to. but i'll post more about that tomorrow.

11. bonus! since february has an extra day, i figured i'd include an extra point. last month, i went to hillsong/nyc and heard an incredible message from carl lentz that has really stuck with me since i heard it. he was talking about acts 16:25-26, which says this:

about midnight paul and silas were praying singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. at once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone's chains came loose.

and everyone's chains came loose. meaning, your worship may break someone else's chains. i don't know about you, but i just think that's really incredible.