lookout mountain : with EL.

it's been a while. i know. but there are just some things i am not going to talk about on the internet, and i feel like those things have been my life for the past few weeks. and so. things have been pretty quiet around here.

BUT. a few days ago (life gets a little exciting!), i had the opportunity to meet up with drew and ellie on lookout mountain (more on that later) and watch EL while they went off and did their thing. it was a nice change of pace for a tuesday, and of course, i jump at any chance i get to hang out with that sweet girl. she is such a joy.

we spent the morning hanging out, crawling on the floor, taking selfies in photo booth, looking at ourselves in the mirror, facetiming with T and luca, and walking around the neighborhood. we also did a good bit of dancing. so you know, nothing out of the ordinary.

she's much the same in that she is the sweetest, she has roughly the same amount of hair (which is almost none at all), she prefers to nap in her car seat, and her parents' music is still the best way to calm her down.

but she's ten months old now. can you believe it? ten months! so she crawls around and pulls herself up to stand, eats solid foods and small bites of almost everything her parents eat, and she sits in the regular part of the stroller like a big kid.

her smile still melts my heart and i could just die every time she looks at me and a smile breaks out. we're best friends, you guys. we smile at each other. but she's also got this cute little giggle she does now and it's the most contagious. it's almost like she's not doing it for anyone, it's just because she's having a good time amusing herself.

i really feel so blessed to not only know (and work with) their family, but also to have the opportunity to be part of her life.