lookout mountain : the mountain.

since their day started early (and since they were coming from a different direction), i drove myself down on monday night. like the last time i went with them, i didn't really know what i was getting into and i didn't bother to ask for details. i think most times, unless they've done it before, it feels the same way for them too. it's always a new experience. although i shouldn't have been so surprised to find that 'lookout mountain' is actually a mountain that – get this – looks out over the area. imagine that! it was late by the time i got there, but even in the dark i was awed by the view. so many lights!

(i actually tried to take a picture of it but that was like a joke.) (also if you've ever been on an airplane at night you know what i'm talking about.)

we stayed at this interesting little bed & breakfast on the mountain that i would try to describe for you, except i don't think words can really do it justice. so i took some photos. (but it was nighttime and the lighting was bad so even these don't really do it justice.)

(the thing with the toilet paper is that i think it's funny when hotels make it look fancy, as seen in this post. and so, this toilet paper ^ made me laugh when i saw it. the end.)

while taking EL for a walk, i snapped some of the outside. so cute! (the wild rose is where we stayed.)

drew and ellie were free for the afternoon, which meant i was too. at first, i only planned on heading out to grab lunch and then coming back. i don't know the area and driving those windy mountainy roads the night before made me nervous i'd get lost. but it didn't take me too long to realize that's the fun of it.

i spent the afternoon driving those windy roads and taking in the daytime views (which were literally jaw dropping). there were certain areas along the road where the trees cleared and you could see out (or, look out – ha) but none of these areas had anywhere to pull over to get a good look or even snap a photo. there were a few tourist spots i passed that involved guided tours and probably good opportunities for photos, but i didn't have that much time so i just took some mental pictures as i drove by.

somewhere along the way, i noticed that among the wooden signs pointing you in the right direction for ruby falls, rock city, incline railway, etc. there was one for starbucks. so, with not much time left to kill, i obviously picked that one and called it a day.

(like i guess you can kiiiind of see what i'm talking about? but not really.)

it was so neat to be able to drive around and explore and get lost, especially in the mountains! i'm definitely a beach person, but i am so not lost on what others see in the mountains. such beauty!

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