charlotte : on not labor day weekend.

this weekend is labor day weekend. not last weekend. so why did i go to charlotte last weekend, when it wasn't a three day weekend? I HAVE NO IDEA, YOU GUYS.

honestly, my thought process was all about going the first possible weekend i could, when no one else would be there. because, no way do i want to share luca cuddles. get your own. and last weekend was that weekend, but it didn't occur to me that if i waited one more week, i could have a whole extra day. i was too excited. i got too ahead of myself. whatever.

the weekend i got was great, and much needed. because, if i'm being really honest about it, i'm not sure i could have waited another week, even if it meant having an extra day.

the truth is that i love my life here. i was driving down the road just the other day, thinking about this and about how it doesn't really feel new anymore, in that way where everything feels foreign, but it also doesn't feel old. it feels like i still haven't gotten enough of it here.

but it's also true that sometimes it's not always magic feeling. sometimes it feels exhausting. and sometimes, it really sucks being happy somewhere that's so far away.

obviously, luca cuddles (and quality sister time) were the best remedy.

from the time i got there until the time i left – i snuggled with him, i fed him, i changed him, i talked to him, i stared at him, i took pictures of him, i helped bathe him, i dressed him. it was kind of ridiculous. as seen in the lack of photos of anything other than luca...

but it was a short trip. we mostly hung around and did nothing warranting many photos. and, i'm not a photographer. i cannot make nothing look like something. especially when my camera of choice is the one built in to my iphone.

so, here are some low-quality photos of luca's face. but keep in mind that even though they represent the majority of my time there, i did spend time with T and lee and josh, too. there are just no pictures to prove it.