let hope in : pete wilson.

if i'm being honest about it, i didn't really expect to get a lot out of this book. i expected a lot of what i'd heard before, a lot of what i already believe, a lot of nodding my head in agreement. i mostly read it because i could, because pete wilson is my pastor and i support him, because i love the idea of hope and spreading it around to people who maybe only feel hopeless.

but the book is separated into four sections, or four choices, and by the second one, i realized, hello. you need to hear this too though. not necessarily because i hadn't heard it all before, but when he puts it like that?

oh, okay.

i think my favorite thing about the book (and pete in general) is that he speaks a lot in the first person and it's not just because he's telling personal stories, he shares personal struggles as well. it's not just you, but it's me too. and that's refreshing.

it was comforting and encouraging and inspiring and challenging. and even if you only skip around, make sure you don't miss these chapters:

embracing the past | the fork in the road | loving deeply

and also that part about gratitude: what do you say?

let hope in, by pete wilson.
was given an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.