let the good times roll.

you probably already know that i intern for a company called good time entertainment, which does artist management, among other things. you might already know that the two bands they manage are green river ordinance and drew holcomb and the neighbors. what you maybe don't already know is how i got here.

the short story is that i went to see gro play whenever they came to the northeast and eventually became friends with their drummer, who then connected me with their manager.

the long story is more incredible and starts back before i even knew that anything was happening, back when i was an english major and convinced i would end up living in new york city.

here is the long story.

it was september of 2009 (i remember these details specifically) and i went to this needtobreathe conert because my friends insisted that i go with them. for the good music, obviously (ntb is amazing live), and also for the good looks of seth bolt. i can still hear them telling me, "you just need to see what he looks like in real life." it was that night when i first saw/discovered/met gro. they were the opening band and surprisingly good.

the next few months after that were rough, to put it lightly, because my plans seem to just crumble to pieces in front of me and i had no idea what to do next. but (long story short) i got it together and started the new year with a new major and a new plan: to end up working in the music industry in nashville. you can trust me when i say that no one was more shocked than i was with this new plan, but i was sure. mostly because it wasn't my plan, if you know what i mean.

one night after a gro show, i ended up telling their drummer about my dreams of living in nashville and working in artist management. partly because we had basically become friends at this point (as much as a band member becomes "friends" with fans they meet on the road... don't judge me), but partly because i was willing to tell anyone who would listen. that's when he told me about their manager in nashville and that's when i realized that the story i was living was way bigger (and more awesome) than i could've imagined.

if you would have told me then, when i went to my very first gro show, that three years later i would be living in nashville and working with their management (and selling merch at their show), i never would have believed you. because i was in such a different place, a place where i thought i had a pretty good plan. but the great thing about god is that he looks at your plan and says, "okay, but i have something even better planned for you." and i know it's true because i get to go on the road as a tour nanny this week.

i think a life in new york city would have been amazing, but i think the one i have is even better.