leah + sarah + sarah.

i want to tell you about my friend leah (on the left in both of the above photos). she is one of my favorite people and this week, she is following her dreams all the way to the west coast. even though she will continue to be miles (and miles and miles) away from me, i couldn't be more thrilled for her. because taking a leap of faith and following your dreams is the best adventure. because i remember sitting in starbucks with her as she dreamed out loud and asked, when when when. because this past weekend, i got to see her on her way from ct to california and say, right now right now right now.

sarah is leah's good friend and travel buddy for the road trip across america. she's been to nashville only once before, and leah hasn't been at all. so i got to play tourist and show them around. most of our pictures were taken in franklin, the sweet little town just south of nashville. mainly because our time in nashville was spent driving from place to place, trying to fit all the sights into one day, and franklin's main street is the best for a walk. and a photo shoot.

// the franklin theatre + an inaccurate depiction of what winter looks like in franklin/nashville.

// sweet cece's=best frozen yogurt.

// here is what happened when i asked them to show me what

 it looks like to be in the car with them as they drive miles and miles. 1. sarah drives, leah sleeps. 2. leah drives, they apparently drink coffee, and have a dance party.

look out, america.