how to pack when you're going on tour.

I'm actually not going to tell you how because I am the worst at packing. You see, the photo on the left there shows the difference between my typical size suitcase when traveling for a week (left) and the size suitcase I brought with me on tour for a week (right). And if that doesn't already prove my point, the photo on the right shows my typical size toiletry bag inside my small tour suitcase.

I'm just going to show you that I did it. Because, by some miracle, I did. AND I have extra room to spare!

I will let you know if I forgot anything.

Because I know you're dying to know, my method basically involved me saying "no" every time I thought about a hypothetical situation that could maybe possibly potentially happen where I would need something random. And I realize that this is a normal person's method of packing light, but I am just incapable of doing this on a regular trip because I need options, okay. Maybe I while I'm away I will want to wear that shirt that's been in the back of my closet forever.

But you don't really have the luxury of being able to lug your entire wardrobe around when you're on tour. So I packed only what I thought was absolutely necessary, and I managed to fit it all into a carry-on sized suitcase, with an average capacity of 2-3 days.

My dad would be so proud.