#goodlight release day.

yesterday was the release day for good light (drew holcomb and the neighbors), which is significant because it's the first album release i've been a part of. as an intern, i wasn't much involved with the actual album as much as i was with its release, but it's still a project i've been working on for months and am very excited about.

in the past, and as a fan, album releases meant finally getting access to an album i'd been waiting for and my excitement was limited to buying the album on release day and getting to listen to it for the first time. yesterday, i got to see what an album release felt like on the other side, where the album was finally released to all the fans who had been waiting for it. this time, my excitement wasn't about receiving good music, but being able to share it with everyone else.

on top of that, i have so much love for drew and ellie (and the "neighbors") and, of course, their sweet baby girl. so my excitement was also for them.

i spent the day outside of the office, so i still don't actually know what it's like on the "inside" on release day, but i'm not worried about it. plus, i got to spend the day with emmylou and that was kind of better. because she is awesome, with her adorable baby noises and the way she is all smiles when she first wakes up. drew and ellie both tweeted photos of her with the album HERE and HERE, in case you want to see her sweet little face. (i mean seriously, how precious is she?)

while emmylou slept, i went back and forth between tweeting about the album and screen capping where it was on the itunes charts. it's currently #1 on the singer/songwriter chart, and it reached up to #9 on the overall chart. right now, it's at #12 i think.

it's all very exciting and if you haven't yet, you should consider purchasing the album on itunes (here) and then telling all of your friends and family about it. i promise, it's that good.