oh, hi. it's MID OCTOBER.

why does the end of the year fly by so quickly? it's like the second half of your gas tank. oh, it's august. oh, it's mid-october.

but also, work. and gilmore girls is now on netflix. so i guess looking back, there should really be no confusion on where the time went.

but, i've been doing some things lately that maybe deserve a mention. or not, but here they are anyway.

side-eyeing my new iphone 6.

i did the iphone swap thing, so i got it for free, and that is truly the only reason i got it. well, that and the camera. (which hopefully means i'll be stepping up my photo game. but let's be real. probably not.) i do like this phone, but it really is unnecessarily large. no one needs a screen that big on their phone.

eating donuts.

one of the interns has a habit of bringing in donuts just because. (because, why not?) but this one morning, at the start of a very busy day, my boss walked in the office asking if there were donuts. and, if not, could someone please go get some because it was a donut kind of day.

breakfast of champions, y'all.

laughing at these results.

i took this quiz i saw on facebook, because if nothing else, facebook is now a vehicle for any and all "what type of ______ are you" quizzes, among others, the same way myspace eventually transformed into the land of the survey. and, i was most definitely born and raised (and lived for 22 years) in new england. but i so clearly don't belong there. (unless we're talking about the big e. then, by all means. let's go.)

facetiming my nephew.

yeah, we haven't actually done this in a while, but for a few days it was pretty consistent. the older he gets, the more fun he is and the more interactive he can be via a computer screen. i just hope he never stops kissing the screen because the expression on his face as he leans in kills me.

watching gilmore girls.

hello. obviously. but i mostly wanted to link to this genius buzzfeed article, "293 thoughts i had while watching gilmore girls for the first time." so spot on.

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