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andrew belle | black bear hushed

listen, i've had the black bear album on repeat since it released in august. of 2013. my interns love to tease me about it because, when in doubt, i play andrew belle. always. this new hushed ep is five songs from black bear, stripped down a bit and re-recorded. i was a little hesitant at the thought of him re-releasing the same songs because i so dearly love the originals, but i am just as obsessed with these new versions. the songs are so solid, he could probably continue to re-release them over and over and i would continue to love them over and over.

listen to this: "sister (hushed)"

andrew mcmahon in the wilderness | andrew mcmahon in the wilderness

this new project reminds me a lot of  jack's mannequin, which i love. but andrew mcmahon is one of those artists who's always around, following inspiration, and never failing to create great music with each project he starts. maybe it's the nostalgic factor, but i think i will always love every piece of music he releases.

listen to this: "cecilia and the satellite"