judah & the lion + penny & sparrow | 10.03.2014

it's always fun when one of the bands i work with plays a local show. my days and weeks are full of tasks and projects and a night like this one is a great reminder of why i do what i do. they are (part of) the reason i have a job, and their passion, almost tangible in that room, is the reason i love it so much. and, in a small (very small) way, they are the product of my hard work. mine and dozens of others. and it's great to experience it and be reminded of it.

i've seen judah & the lion play before, of course, but their headlining set on this tour is unlike anything i've seen from them. it's not just their songs, it's all high energy and covering old songs they loved growing up and choreographed dancing and a reminder that we all have hope.

i have to admit, i was a little taken back by how impressive it was. they're a small band, but they put on a big show.

penny & sparrow opened, and the contrast between the two sounds was kind of ironic. they were sort of the calm before the storm. just two guys, with an acoustic guitar and their voices. without needing anything else, they delivered a great performance. i was pretty stoked about seeing their set, and they so did not disappoint. their music is so good, kind of heartbreaking, and sounds even better live.