colony house | 09.27.2014

i have no photos to prove i was there. i tried to take one for fun, to show how far back i was standing, how many heads were in front of me, and how actually terrible the 4s camera is. but then my flash was accidentally on and i was suddenly THAT GIRL and i was too mortified to make another attempt. but i was there.

i stayed in the back, because i’ve seen them play before and it wasn’t appealing to me to fight the crowds to get a spot up front, where it’s louder and hotter. (HOW OLD AM I.) plus, someone once told me the best sound in the room is near the soundboard. which makes sense, if you think about it. and, the sound guy always has a set list, which eliminates the stress of wondering if they’re playing your favorite songs.

i looked at the list, saw which songs they would play, and noticed which songs were left off. and then i realized i wasn’t disappointed that they weren’t playing my favorite song, because i don’t think i could choose just one or even five, but the fact that they weren’t playing them all made me a little sad.

you mean we can’t just stay here all night?

the truth is, the whole album is like sold gold, and the more i listen to it, the more i love it. i could probably tell you off the top of my head which tracks i enjoy the most (as i did here), but seeing these songs played live? song after song, i kept thinking, but this one is so good too!

i just cannot get enough of their music. live, or recorded.