JUDAH & THE LION : 04.13.2014

(picture stolen from the good time twitter account. photo credit: john, our marketing guy who has an iphone 5s with the much better camera than my 4s.)

judah’s one of our new(ish) clients, and because i am lazy and always use shorter nicknames, i refer to the whole band as judah, even though judah is actually the lead singer and that could potentially be very confusing. but whatever. we’re working with them now! and this is exciting because they are so awesome. and they create awesome music. and they put on an awesome live show.

to start, SHEL played. i was still in the back during their set, so i couldn’t see them, but from what i understand, they are a band of four sisters with their first initials creating the acronym, SHEL. i wasn’t overly impressed, but i also wasn’t really paying attention. one of those people. i am usually not, but i am also usually not at the show early enough for the first opener either, so i think that’s a step. in which direction, i’m not sure.

the vespers played next and this band, comprised of two guys and two girls, has a special place in my heart because i once saw them play at the space back when i lived in connecticut and still worked there. they’re a pretty great folk band, but i think the fact that the girls are the singers is what pushes me to the ‘not obsessed’ side of the fence. i don’t know what it is, but i’m not as easily impressed with female vocalists.

judah played last and i just love them. they put on such a good show and they have so much fun on stage. and they cover eminem’s “lose yourself,” which is kind of cliche but i love it anyway. the only other time i saw them play was when they opened for drew (–holcomb and the neighbors) so it was nice to see them play more of a headliner set.