CAUSE A SCENE : 04.09.2014

so there’s this guy named larry who created this thing called ‘cause a scene,’ which is basically him organizing shows and highlighting talent that, well, should be highlighted, but in a way that gets people talking and …causes a scene. i actually don’t really know a lot about it, to be honest. i’ve seen the twitter handle @causeascenenash thrown around, but i only recently started paying attention. mostly because he’s been organizing these secret shows that are relevant. like this one!

y’all, i think it was maybe the single greatest show experience.

but i think that heavily relied on the part where it was a house show (which is, exactly what it sounds like) and i haven’t been to many house shows. i love the smaller, more intimate setting, where the line between friend and fan is blurred.

i went by myself, to this random person’s (gorgeous) house, where i knew exactly one person, to hear music with (and by) people who i likely follow on twitter (or have instagram stalked) but don’t actually know in real life.

the internet is a weird thing, you guys. it’s weird to know people you’ve never met, and it’s weird when you face that awkward reality when you do meet them. but is it really that awkward, considering they choose to share photos or 140-character snippets of their lives with the internet? it’s not my fault i feel like we’re friends even though they don’t know me, but i guess maybe it is when i have a chance to change that and i don’t.

which is to say, i met a girl i follow on twitter because i went up to her and introduced myself. it was awkward at first, but we had a lot to talk about. if nothing else, we kept each other company while we waited for the thing to start, and that made it worth it enough.

okay, on to the music.

emily hackett i hadn't heard of her before this event, but she has a good sound. it was an acoustic set, so i have no idea if she’s really that singer/songwriter-ish, but i would guess so. she seems like a solid performer, like she's been doing it for a while but still not well known, even in the nashville scene. she was great, but not jaw dropping impressive.

devan dubois he’s a new artist under the same management as the civil wars. (sensibility music.) this is the only reason i’ve heard of him, and while i'm sure he has more of an online presence than he did when i first googled, i only knew three things about him before this night: he wears a cowboy hat, he has long hair, and there was no camera angle that showed what his face looks like. it turns out, he has a really neat voice that kind of took me by surprise. it's unique but also somewhat familiar sounding. he played his songs acoustically, which i guess is not how they were recorded, but i'm a sucker for the acoustic versions so i loved it. he was a bit awkward in between songs and i'm not sure if that was because he felt awkward because he couldn't hear himself or what, but he should've just kept singing and he would've been fine.

young summer she’s the main reason i dropped the $12 to go to this show. i cannot get enough of her music. it’s fun and different (from my usual taste, at least) and it makes you want to move but not in a dance party kind of way. she certainly has fun with it, which makes her set enjoyable to watch. plus her voice is gorgeous. she played three news songs from her upcoming full-length record, which won’t be released until the summer, and i wanted to record them all so i could listen to them over and over.

(it also turned out that i did know some friends at this show because her drummer is a friend of theirs, so that was neat.)

ks rhoads he’s a 10 out of tenn man, and while i love his sound, i’ve really only heard what he’s done with TOT. which is really a shame because he’s incredible and talented and hilarious. he does that thing where he records sounds on a loop and forget everything else. that is the most fascinating. he’s just got a great voice, a great sound, and great lyrics. and apparently he closes his shows with a little freestyle looping and on-the-spot lyrics, which can be either a hit or a miss. what he came up with at this show was definitely a hit, as he mentioned his hesitance at doing a “secret” show when all of his shows are secret shows, the traffic on old hickory and in green hills, and other random and funny things.