LISTEN TO THIS : ingrid michaelson + needtobreathe.

ingrid michaelson | lights out

ingrid michaelson is one of those seriously underrated artists who i love but always forget about. we worked on some marketing for this album, so i heard the song “girls chase boys” over and over when the video was first released. it’s kind of an interesting song (with an even more interesting music video) but i ended up preordering the album based on that one song alone. last week, she had the album streaming on itunes, so i got to listen (over and over) and it is GOLD. i mean every song. 

listen to this: “one night town (feat. mat kearney)”

needtobreathe | rivers in the wasteland

this album. i don't even know what i can say about it to adequately express how much i am IN LOVE with it. i could listen to the whole thing through, over and over. every song is so solid. except i work in an office with other people, so i've been alternating between listening to this album and something else. yesterday, john told me he could probably sing all these songs in his sleep. "but in a good way," he said. well, whatever. at least i'm not the only one who's obsessed with it. even drew posted a series of four tweets about it.

if you miss it, it's all your fault.