This week is not a typical tour week, where there are show dates and venues and a regular "tour schedule" (if that even means anything). Mainly because Drew and Ellie play private events, as well as regular shows with the full band, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. This week has a little bit of both, and that's the reason I wasn't quite sure what I was doing when I left Nashville and flew to Jacksonville, but I was ready for the adventure. Because, obviously.

It turns out, Jim Furyk (who is a professional golfer) and his wife, Tabitha, have this annual "Furyk & Friends" concert and celebrity golf classic, which Drew and Ellie were apart of.

So that was day one, and even though Emmylou gave me a hard time after staying awake for the majority of the day, it was a pretty amazing one. Partly because she is still so great even when she refuses to sleep, and partly because our hotel was right on the ocean. I mean, that photo ^ was taken from the porch of my hotel room. My hotel room, which was all mine, and looked like this.

Here is the bathroom, complete with fancy toilet paper, a stand up shower, a bathtub (with jets!), and an extra sink area just outside with a magnifying mirror and all. What.

And in case you didn't believe me about the room-with-a-view thing, here's one taken from the chair in my room.

I had an hour of down time, when Ellie was with EL, so I got to explore (read: have a photoshoot in my room), and take a walk on the beach. The beach, which I could get to by walking 15 steps outside my patio door.

Here is what the hotel looks like from the beach.

And here is this one. Just, because.

This morning was wonderful and I got to eat pancakes for breakfast at the table in my room, looking out at the ocean. (Seriously though, is this real life?) I did take a couple more photos, but you'll just have to use your imagination because you don't even know how complicated it is to upload photos on here using an iPad.

Ellie and I spent a few minutes sitting out on the patio, watching the ocean and chatting (while EL napped), before we had to pack up and leave the ocean for an awful flight and thunderstorms, hail, and tornado watches in Atlanta.

Jacksonville>Atlanta. Well. I mean, the beach>everything.