high five for friday.

better late than never. or whatever. i don't know. i had to keep asking what day it was this week. not today though. because, friday. obviously.


i have five things here to high five about, but i want you to know that what i'm really high fiving myself for this week is the fact that i survived. and i'm also high fiving in advance for the margaritas i will enjoy later tonight.

maybe. i actually don't know what i'm doing later.

okay, but on to my actual five.

ONE || easter weekend, this past weekend, was spent in charlotte with ALL of my people. this should have been posted about already, but i just clearly don't have my priorities in order. or my photos organized. that, and the fact that documenting that type of life event always overwhelms me. which, a blogger i follow gave birth to her fourth child and posted about it within twelve hours of delivery, so i really have no excuse. but, here we are. the fab four, being as fab as ever.

TWO || H has a blog now. i helped her set it up over the weekend, domain name and all. she's funny and random and if that isn't obvious by her chosen title, "why is the tv so loud??" i'm sure you're missing the point. which is to say, i don't think there is one.

THREE || i went running last night. for the first time this year, i think. because if i had gone running at any point thus far in 2014, i'm sure i would have instagrammed photographic proof. i actually didn't hate it, and i lived to tell you about it, so i'm calling that a win. my roommate ran with me in what she called a "hanging out" run, as opposed to a "run by ourselves with our own music" run. once we got going, she made comments about how much she missed it, which is apparently a feeling some people have towards running, and then she moved on to a variety of other conversation topics, to which i replied mostly in the form of making facial expressions back at her because running and breathing and speaking are not things i can do all at the same time.

FOUR || i went to another cause a scene secret show this week with judah & the lion and joshua james, but i have no photos to prove it because there were many tall people in front of me (which tends to happen when you stand in the back) and i didn't think you would be interested in seeing the back of their heads. but i would recommend scrolling through the causeascenenash instagram feed to see all the excitement that's been happening. some of these people who play aren't even people i've heard of, but the posts always make me feel like i wish i was there anyway. which i think means he's doing a great job with the whole causing a scene theme he's going for.

FIVE || we had a birthday in the office this week, and we've started this new trend where we celebrate everything by ordering jake's bakes, which is a company here in nashville that delivers fresh baked cookies and milk. freshbakedcookies.

my mouth is watering, you guys.