LISTEN TO THIS : dave barnes + elevation worship.

dave barnes | golden days

i don't even know what to say about this record to make you understand how much i love it. i'll be honest and admit that his last couple records weren't my favorite. he's a great songwriter, but i felt like they didn't really showcase that. with this record, he went back to his roots and released it independently, and he worked with the same producer who worked on his earlier albums. basically, this record is golden.

listen to this: "twenty three"

elevation worship | only king forever

i really love elevation church and i enjoy getting to attend whenever i'm in charlotte. i listen to the messages online or through the app, but it never quite compares to actually being there. for a lot of reasons, but mainly the music. elevation does such a great job with their worship and you really miss out on that piece when you aren't there. this record does a great job of recording that experience so you can have it on the go. still not quite the same as hearing it live, but isn't that always the case?

listen to this: "mighty warrior"