i'm in it for the live music, and also the fans.

well i've been trying to get this out for a week now but i apparently don't have any time anymore. i hate when people say "i'm busy" because i don't really think it's a great excuse. but, i've been busy i guess. i work a lot and i have this fancy new job as a manager's assistant, which i can't remember if i've mentioned on here yet but i'm not an intern anymore, and you guys. the music industry is no joke. i'm still trying to figure it out.

in other news, i saw andrew mcmahon (of jack's mannequin and something corporate) play last wednesday (april 17).

it was one of those shows, like that time i saw augustana, that was so good and so needed. maybe just because i've been working so hard and focusing on what needs to be done, but it felt really good to have a night like this one. live music just does it for me, you know?

andrew was incredible, of course. he's so talented and he put on a great show, despite being checked out by a doctor just hours earlier and told he needs to be on vocal rest. i loved watching him play, and seeing the passion behind all the music. for me, that's the best part about live music. but i also found myself watching the fans that night too. the way they can't help it when they let out a shriek when they hear the first few notes of their favorite songs, or the way they might be a simple head nodder during most songs, until their jam is played and suddenly they're singing passionately along with every word. i love that. i love when it's not just one sided, and the words that are being sung to the crowd are also being sung back.