gro / 04.21.2012

not pictured: denton (because he's always hidden behind those drums!) and jamey.

green river ordinance. another favorite. they're headlining on this tour, which is the best, because sets are always so limited when you're opening. i know they're a smaller band, but they know how to play a show.

leah, abby, and i drove up to boston and met up with sarah at max brenner, my new favorite restaurant in boston. it smells like chocolate heaven in there and the dessert is delish. but it's a once-in-a-while kind of place, unless your fortunate enough to have a money tree growing in your back yard. which i don't.

graham colton opened and he and his friend, christopher (who has a fabulous mustache! see facebook for photos), played an acoustic set. i've been a fan of graham since he opened for kelly clarkson way back when he had the graham colton band, and his new album (pacific coast eyes, vol. 2) has been on my 'currently loving' list ever since it came out. but, like i said, openers are limited on what they can do, so his set was short and sweet.

gro played an awesome set (of course), with a nice mix of songs–most of which i can't actually remember in this moment–and some fancy lighting. i kind of wish they'd play some of their old, old songs, but they did play "goodbye l.a." and that's definitely one of my faaavorites. (mainly because that's the song they played when i decided that i actually really liked them.) they ended the show by playing an acoustic song in the middle of the floor, surrounded by their fans. i love that.

the thing about gro is that you can tell they love what they do, and they have so much fun doing it. watch them play a show, see their facial expressions as they're rocking out, and tell me it doesn't make you love it too. plus, getting the chance to chat with them after the show really just solidifies how great they are by the way they say thanks for coming out to the show.

i always smile at them when they say that and reply with something like, "thanks for playing!" but what i really want to say is, "THANKS FOR BEING AWESOME." because, really, they have no idea the way their music and their shows make me happy like nothing else.