the fray / 04.14.2012

THE FRAY. i always feel like i need to yell when i talk about them. because i love them. and no matter how great their last show was, their next one will always be better. i don't know how they do it. you would think the trend would have to end at some point, but let me tell you, it hasn't yet.

so i met my tumblr friend avery at foxwoods, where we wandered around the slot machines (which neither of us have ever played or even know how to play) for about an hour, hoping that maybe we'd "accidentally" run into one or all of the band members. we didn't. but we're not crazy (or are we?) because the last time they played at foxwoods, avery actually did unintentionally run into ben and dave. but it never happens when you're going for it, right?

irrelevant fun fact: that show, which was almost exactly two years ago, is the show that caused avery to find me on tumblr. our tumblr following/friendship has come full circle, y'all.

but back to the show. jessie baylin, a nashville-based singer/songwriter, opened. naturally, i liked her. but her style doesn't really match the fray's and i know they're friends and all, but just because you're friends with someone doesn't mean you should have them open for you. although apparently it does.

the fray's set included a nice mixture of new and old songs, including joe's "heaven forbid" and maybe the best live version of "happiness" that i've ever seen/heard. (i recorded it, but have done nothing with it since uploading it to my computer. maybe in four months when i get around to posting it, you'll get to see what i mean.)

there were also sweet surprises, like isaac asking some girl's boyfriend to prom for her (although if he's already your boyfriend, isn't it a given that you go to prom together?), a song dedication to a six year old birthday girl, and a band introduction that only included isaac and joe because isaac forgot to tell the rest of them to stay on stage.

the night ended well, with their cover of "maps" (which i also recorded, T!). the guy in front of us wasn't thrilled with the idea of ending the show with a cover, but have you heard their cover of "maps"? i'm in love with it.

i'm sure there are other fun things that i forgot to mention, but it's been over a week and a lot has happened since then, this'll just have to do for now.