and i thought march was a rough month? i just went back and looked at things i wrote/posted in april for my little recap here and was shocked to remember that easter was less than four weeks ago. hello?

1. the month really started out with a bang when i saw tyler hilton play at the space. this really excited the 15 year old fangirl inside of me that i was not previously aware of.

2. good friday turned into a great friday when my tax return was directly deposited into my bank account. the government was really good to me this year, guys.

3. i saw safetysuit at the wolf den and had a much better experience there than the last time i went.

4. i saw the fray for the seventh(?) time. i've lost count at this point.

5. i basically fell apart and took an unplanned vacation.

6. i changed my mind and decided not to move to nashville on may 6. (more on this later.)

7. i did not see needtobreathe. which is sad. and significant, because they came to boston and i had a ticket and there was really no reason i couldn't go, other than i felt like all the life had been sucked out of me. (including that part of me that LOVES concerts, especially ones that needtobreathe headlines.)

8. i saw green river ordinance (and graham colton) and all was right in the world again.

9. look at the calendar, y'all! there are stars on it! significant improvement from last month. i worked out this many times:

10. i also read two books this month. of course, i'll post more about those tomorrow.