high five for friday.

recently, i've discovered lauren elizabeth's high five for friday linkup and i think it's such a fun idea. share five things, photos, thoughts, happenings from the week with a high five. because, why not? it's friday! let's high five about it.

1. the great thing about having canadian roommates is that i now get to have TWO thanksgivings! only photo from the day, of the only food i couldn't (but so desperately wanted to) eat. apples + caramel.

2. babysitting EL is always a highlight, even when she's whiney and grumpy.

3. vant to bite my neck? (opi.)

4. day two with EL. her mama was holding her while showing me a video on her phone and she reached over and held my hand.

5. black on black on black. in case you ever want to know what i look like every day, as i'm walking out the door in the morning.

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