it's been a while.

so i guess i will just catch you up on what's been going on around here. mostly, i've just been tired and sick and busy and every time i've had a free minute, i've chosen sleep over writing every time. except for this time.

last monday, i got this delightful little cold, which i believe i've mentioned, and it really threw the whole week off because it did not move along as quickly as i'd hoped, despite my efforts and vast array of cold remedies, immune system boosters, and straight up over-the-counter cold medicines. i went through four boxes of tissues, okay. i'm feeling much better, but there's still a little something lingering and i'm just ready for it to be over already.

on sunday, the grammys were on and T and i hung out via facetime and watched together. it worked for the most part, minus the fact that my tv was delayed a few seconds and therefore so were my (basically identical) reactions.

in my attempt to capture a moment of our grammy facetime hangout, i decided i didn't want rihanna on the screen in the background, but settled for the black keys because T was getting tired, which you can see there in the middle photo. the black keys? yawn. but then kelly came on and, obviously.

like last year, i took a few notes so i could write about it. you can find that post here. T wrote about the style on the red carpet and you can find her post about that here.

on tuesday, i got to spend the morning hanging out with little emmylou while her mama got in some studio time. (a good portion of this time involved me pushing her back and forth in her stroller in the parking lot behind my car, trying to distract her from the fact that it wasn't quite time to eat yet.) in the afternoon, i stuffed a bunch of envelopes for a mail out promoting drew holcomb's new record. at first our plan was to put all the envelopes in one big box so we wouldn't have to take too many small boxes to the post office, and then we realized that wouldn't work because the box got too heavy and ended up tipping over when we tried to lift it.

in case you're interested in the work i'm involved with, you can visit and watch their new video for "good light" and get a free download of the track if you tweet about it. and also, the album (good light) comes out on itunes february 19, and everywhere else february 26.

okay. that's all. good night.