solid ground.

after dropping my classes mid-semester, i spent the next few months talking to a career counselor, who either thought i was insane or exactly like every other confused student she had ever talked to. either way, she was nice about it and did her best to help me out. she talked to me and told me little tricks to try to figure out what it was that i wanted to do. i couldn't explain it to her that it wasn't just about what i wanted to do. that's how i got myself into this mess in the first place. but then she asked me if i'd ever seen a movie or a tv show with a character who had a really awesome job that i would like to have and it all unfolded rather quickly after that.

you see, audrina from "the hills" worked at epic records, which is the label that the fray is signed to, and i wasn't exactly sure what she did, but i always wanted to know because it seemed like a cool job. so i googled and found out that she worked in the a&r (artists & repertoire) department, which is basically the part of a record label that chooses which bands to sign and whatnot.

BAM. that was it.

i told my career counselor about it and she got me this book with all these facts in it about what it takes to work in a&r and what kind of college majors are the most helpful when you want a career in the music industry. since i didn't go to the hartt school, i chose the next best major: communications.

step one, done. i could go back to school the following semester, which was something i kept reminding myself to have faith about because i didn't want to be one of those people who 'took a semester off' and never ended up going back. not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not what i wanted for myself. i at least knew that much.

so i had a new major and a new direction to go in. that's the other thing about faith. it's amazing what God does for you when you take a huge leap for Him. He gives you solid ground to land on.