e a s t e r | 2 0 1 6

easter twenty sixteen looked like this.

i went to charlotte. (duh.)

it was a lot of fun, as always.

i left a little later than usual (read: after the sun came up) for the sake of waiting for five daughters bakery to open so i could stop in on the way, per T's request – and my dad's, when he called me that morning and asked, "so i heard you're stopping for doughnuts?"

oh, did you want one? (but, who wouldn't. do you see those? my mouth is watering just writing about them.)

after i arrived, i told luca i brought him a treat and he responded by saying, "no thanks, i have my own treats!" (which is hilarious and sweet, because he loves treats and what kid says no??)

later, when we showed him what was inside the box, he immediately asked for a bite.

one of the biggest things that happened between my last trip and this one is that he now sleeps in a big boy bed. so, the first thing we did when i got there was lay in it.

backseat selfies forever.

watching him play is my favorite. so many times, he'd ask me to play with him and i'd be on the floor ready to play, but then he would just start playing on his own.

it's even more fun to watch these days, now that his words are more clear. the things he comes up with as he plays is fascinating. i could watch him using his imagination all day.

my nephew is a stud! and, i was there, but looking back on these, he looks so old!

unintentional twinning with our cheese faces.

i love him more than he loves his transformers.

this is how photos with my parents always go. my mom and i look at each other, for whatever reason. we like to talk to each other, mid-photo shoot? and my dad always makes a funny face, and i always look up at him to see what i'm missing and to tell him to smile like a normal person.

this next series of photos with both of them, though, takes the cake.

my dad's eyes get so squinty when he smiles, and apparently it's genetic because i also have an issue with that. my mom, however, doesn't.

still in pj's, already eating chocolate. the easter way.

but that look on his face as he's taking a bite. what's a boy gotta do to eat some chocolate in peace?

the thing about this baby is that i've already experienced what an absolute joy it is to be an aunt, so i know what i'm excited for this time around and i can't hardly wait.

the egg hunt from last year was my favorite part. he got so excited and, i mean, looks the cutest always.

this year, it was much of the same, except with more time-outs.

i made those pancakes and i am very proud/excited about it.

he has the best hair. and the best bed-head hair.

i'll leave you with this: after i got him up from his nap and laid him on the changing table, he reached out and put his fingers in between mine and just held my hand. like, it didn't even matter that it smelled like poop. i would've stood there forever in that moment, holding his sweet hand.