march, in photos.

i helped out with a video shoot for my roommate, which was shot in a barn in the middle of nowhere, in franklin, tennessee.

on the last day, this donkey followed me all the way back to the car.

on a random saturday, molls and i went to the humane society and hung out with this dog named harley. i love him and wanted to take him home, and that's why i don't go to the humane society to hang out with dogs.

"that's like, you in a doughnut." – what tab said to me as i picked the one with pink frosting and sprinkles.


went to the park to read one day and molls met me there with iced coffee.

more babysitting.

five daughters > all other doughnuts.

also this doughnut had oreos on it and i may have planned my entire day around the fact that i needed one because, priorities.

molly's friend was in town. we ate tacos and took pictures with walls in 12 south.

and, after a week of warm weather, the temperature had dropped and it was terrible.

tried on things that weren't black, for fun, and sent T photos because that's what you do when you don't live near each other.

ended up buying a thing that is black and white because i can't help myself.

(those are my own clothes, pictured.)

there's something about a bookstore on wheels that makes me want to buy ALL the books.

blood:water hosted a world water day celebration + music fest.

highlights: k.s. rhoads + matthew perryman jones + wave & rome.