listen to this | on my way to charlotte.

watch this: "mine" by whissell.

NEEDTOBREATHE | H A R D L O V E (pre-order)

y'all, i don't think i need to explain myself, or the level of excitement that poured out of me when i saw this post pop up in my instagram feed announcing a new single. (i was in charlotte, sitting on T's couch, and i'll let her tell you about how i ran into the kitchen to play the 15 second clip for her.)

a new single means a new album, which is now available for pre-order. the first two singles you can have now are "MONEY & FAME" + "HAPPINESS" (heart eyes for daaaays with these two). and, as a person who isn't into using capitalization, i feel it is only appropriate that this album is in all-caps. because, you know, I LOVE THEM.

cause a scene compilation 001

cause a scene is "a movement built on community and the discovery of quality art," according to their instagram bio (@causeascene). i've mentioned it before (twice), because i've been to a couple shows, but basically it's them trying to promote community and good music by way of hosting shows featuring music you've probably never heard of, but should.

this compilation is zero dollars (F R E E) and includes 40 songs from different artists who fall into that category of: you're going to want to listen to this.

sia | this is acting

the first time i heard anything by sia, i was sitting in a starbucks in new york city, and it was probably a combination of the song and the city, but i have loved her ever since that moment. because i am not up on music news, i was pleasantly surprised to realize she released a new album in january. and every song is so good, y'all.
listen to this: "bird set free" + "unstoppable"

birdy | beautiful lies

i'll be honest, i know of birdy because of an episode of the vampire diaries which featured the song "wings" during the most dramatic and heartbreaking scene. it's a song that definitely gives me this vibe, and is the reason i love her.
listen to this: "keeping your head up"

oh wonder | oh wonder

i don't really have anything to say about this except that my roommate introduced me to the song "white blood" and it was so good, i looked up the whole album.
listen to this: "lose it"


this is their most recent single so i'm linking to it for the sake of being relevant (lol), but i would recommend any/everything they've ever released (which is like, a combination of singles and short EPs because, they're new). i kept hearing their name come up in different friend groups, and it took me the longest time to realize it was because they went to belmont. they live in LA now, but good music comes from nashville, y'all.

the chainsmokers | "roses (feat. ROZES)"

or basically anything released by the chainsmokers in general.

bonus listens

podcast: sounds good with branden harvey.
elevation message: "a tomb with a view."