driving in cars with spiders.

i am not a drive-with-the-windows-down kind of girl.

some days, though, it seems necessary,
if the weather is not too hot and humid, and not too cool,
if i'm on a back road, and not on the highway
where my hair would get all wind-blown and messed up,
if there are no spiders that happen to be crawling on my door
at the exact moment when i decide to roll down the window..

right. so basically, only in a perfect world would i willingly choose
to drive with the windows down, because having them down
is how spiders get in. true story.

i was stopped at a red light on my way home from school once,
and i rolled my window down, because it was spring
and i was in a good mood. but then, a spider came straight down
into my car, just in time for the light to turn green.
i freaked out, of course, because i lost it.
and spiders don't just disappear. they always come back,
which is exactly why you have to kill them when you see them.

a few weeks later, i was on my way home from the dentist
when it came crawling out of hiding, right onto my steering wheel.
i almost got into an accident.

needless to say, i like to keep the windows rolled up at all times
because when spiders get in, it's dangerous.
and i'd much prefer air conditioning anyway.

this year, however, summer decided to wait
until august to come around so i haven't needed my ac,
and therefore didn't get it recharged for a while.
you can imagine how unbearable the last few weeks have been,
driving around in a car with the windows wide open and
practically begging to be spider-infested.

today, i finally brought it to the shop.
$120 later, i drove away with windows sealed shut and
cool air blowing on my face,
wondering if it was possible to learn how to get over my arachnophobia.
it sure would be a whole heck of a lot cheaper.