maryland. the land of walmarts and tolls.

day one:
mom, tiffany, and i got here around 2 p.m. yesterday,
after a five hour drive. i’m a fan of car rides,
but anything longer than three hours is a little excessive.
that’s why airplanes were invented.
on top of that, we had to pay three different tolls, totaling $16.05.
ridiculous, right? i mean,
traveling by plane would clearly be exponentially cheaper.

anyway, we went to my aunt’s house first.
it was weird being there because i’ve never been before
and it looks nothing like i pictured. but then again,
the image i had in my head is about 10 years old.

when tiffany went off to do bridesmaid things,
mom and i went back to the hotel.
the holiday inn express.
but who even knows what the 'express' part is for?
i flipped through the tv channels,
being indecisive and unable to pick just one show,
while mom unsuccessfully attempted to
connect her computer to the internet.
after 14 minutes of trying, and failing, and two desperate phone calls
to the front desk for help, she gave up.
i tried once and was connected. score!
although, i still don’t understand why this express hotel doesn’t have
a wireless internet connection.
what is this? 1998?

day two:
tiffany and i wore matching outfits today. not on purpose.
neither one of us was about to change,
not that we really had any time for that anyway.
we had things to do and places to be.
namely, endless fruit-tray preparation at the reception hall.

the madness was over, for mom and me, by 3 p.m. so we went
driving around, looking for a movie theater and food.
all while trying to avoid the toll booths, mind you,
though we were unsuccessful at that,
considering they’re everywhere down here.

we ended up at a chili’s, where we were served by
a good-smelling, rather attractive man with a lip ring.
the piercing makes him sound less attractive, but he could pull it off.
from there we headed over to the walmart superstore
to pick up a few things. water, snacks, a movie. strictly necessities.
we ran into a slight problem when the superstore turned out to be
not so super due to the fact that they were SOLD OUT of 17 again.

luckily, there’s another walmart right down the street,
though i am thoroughly convinced
that if only there was a target around here,
we wouldn’t have had this issue.

on the way to the other walmart, we spotted a k-mart,
which is clearly the better of the two “marts” because
they had multiple copies in stock.
you can bet we snatched one up real quick and
rushed back to our express hotel to eat our peanut butter m&ms
and watch zac efron play basketball without a shirt on and do
a dance routine with cheerleaders.

and no, we didn’t accidentally pick up high school musical.