beach day.

top 10 list of things i love about the beach:

(in no particular order,

inspired by events from today's beach trip,

with photos.)

1. the sound of crashing waves.

2. the way it looks when waves crash,

and then the water splashes up.

(ignore the random people who got in the way.)

3. (shirtless) attractive guys/lifeguards.

4. listening to owl city while i tan. (or burn.)

5. wave jumping.

6. doughnuts on the way there,

7. and twizzlers on the way home.

8. sand in between my toes.

9. when a big wave crashes and the water goes

even farther onto the shore.

(and no, i don't mean when the tide comes in.)

10. people-watching.

top 10 list of things i hate about the beach:

(also in no particular order, and

inspired by events from today's beach trip.)

1. when saltwater gets in my ears, eyes, and nose.

2. when sand gets in places sand should never be.

3. seaweed.

4. sea gulls.

5. how long it takes to get there.

6. getting tossed around by the waves when

i tried to jump one that was mid-crash

in an attempt to keep my hair dry. (fail.)

7. sunburns.

8. the crowdedness.

9. when the sand gets hot.

10. sunscreen, especially the spray kind.

(even though this contradicts #7.)

(see facebook for more exciting pictures like these.)