drew holcomb and the neighbors | ryman auditorium (SOLD OUT) | 02.28.2015

photo by chloe horseman.

to say this night was incredible feels like an understatement. a show like that, with a sold out crowd like that, in a venue like that? it felt pretty magical.

it wasn't like an album release, or moon river festival, where months of hard work and long hours preceded this one glorious night where it all paid off. it was more of a slow build, throughout the years. with drew's talent and dedication. with family and management and help supporting him. with fans, and anyone who shared his music or came out to a show or danced to these songs at their weddings.

it was an important night. a celebration. not the highlight of his career, but certainly a high point thus far. it was so fun, and so special to witness. this night was what dreams are made of.

i spent most of the night backstage. mostly because i didn't have an actual seat, but also because i could.

it's a neat thing, to watch a show from the side of the stage, especially when it's the ryman stage (and it's your first show at the ryman, ever).

it looks different and sounds different and you're so close and you can see the audience.

later, i went up to the balcony, close to where the merch tables were (and where i had to be once the show ended), and watched the last few songs from there. it was like i got the best of both worlds, and i was almost grateful i didn't have a seat i had to sit still in.

EL was there, dancing her little heart out on the side of the stage, in her onesie pjs and cowboy boots. she is her parents' biggest fan. and while i knew that already, from the way their music calmed her down more than anything else as a baby, it was different seeing her react to it as a two year old. she sings and she dances and she gets THE most excited.

but maybe my favorite part was this. bo rinehart (needtobreathe) was on stage for a song. and i will be honest and tell you that 80 percent of the photos i took all night are from this one song. because. how could i not.

but, as usual, no photo will ever do it justice.