charlotte | for valentine's day.

you would think that with an entire week of being stuck at home with the internet, i would've blogged about this by now.

you would think. but friends is a thing that's now on netflix, and i don't really feel that sorry about it.

but, okay. valentine's day weekend.

this weekend was extra special and different than most of my monthly charlotte visits. H also came to visit, and with her came abby. one of my best friends, and now, my brother's girlfriend. it created a bit of a different dynamic than usual, but it was so much fun to be all together.

luca is sporting his new valentine's day gifts from H and me. and lee is being lee, and eating cereal in the background.

feeding himself yogurt for the first time! i'm not sure how this happened or how much he actually successfully got in his mouth, but it is well documented and he is adorable.

he does this thing where sometimes he will just put his head on your shoulder. i don't know if it's because he's cuddly or teething or if he really just missed me a lot but I'LL TAKE IT.

i don't know what it is about this toy, but i loved watching EL play with it too. i love watching him stack them all on there, stand up and be proud of himself when he finishes, and then pick it up and dump them in true luca (boy) fashion.

please also take a moment to appreciate luca's hair. i'm obsessed with that hair.

J brought abby flowers for valentine's day and luca and i had a lot of fun smelling them.

look at these beautiful people. H and i babysat luca while these four went out to dinner (separately).

our saturday night activities. and when i say "our," i mean i fully participated in both of them. meaning, yes, i totally rode that bike. and pretended to crash and fall off, just like he does.

this was luca's attempt to butter me up so i'd ride his bike some more. he thought it was the BEST thing. and, like any kid, wanted me to do the fun activity with him over and over and over again.

and here he is, after patting the seat of his bike in that "you go here" way. but like, riding a bike that is 12 times too small is a special kind of workout for a generally unfit person. so, sorry buddy but auntie needs a break, and also secretly loves the way you sit on the floor and pout when you don't get your way.

i'm obsessed with his little piggies.

this photo kills me dead. his cheese face lights up my whole life.

this is his kiss face. every time he passed by me while riding his bike, i'd ask for a kiss. thankfully, he is at a stage where he is happy to oblige. it turned into him riding over to my mom, my dad, and back to me so he could pass out kisses. he wore this face the whole time.

on sunday, while everyone went to (or watched) church, i babysat luca and got the best one-on-one time. at one point, he walked over to his teepee, sat in it, and gave me these faces.

this boy is, hands down, my favorite person on the planet.