over the weekend.

it's thursday, i know. but i'm going through a phase (or, at least i hope it's a phase?) where at some point during each day of the week, it feels like it's another day of the week.

so, this post is coming from the feels-like-monday part of this thursday.

i decided to take a walk on saturday morning, just because. i sort of feel like it's a weird thing to do by yourself, with no dog or anything. like why not just run? but, um, because i don't actually like running, is why not. i actually really like walking.

and so i went.

after another snow day last week, the sun was finally shining, the temperature was above freezing, and there were tiny


 signs of spring.

it was pretty enjoyable. far more enjoyable than if i had been running. and, you know? i wouldn't have noticed as many things if i ran. i wouldn't have looked up to see how clear and blue the sky was. i wouldn't have stopped to admire what was left of the two-day-old snowmen that were still standing in my neighborhood. one of which was missing a head, and the other missing a face.

at least they still had both their arms. i mean, right?

okay, but even after two days i felt like they were still originally built as pretty sub-par snowmen. don't you think? they sort of have that

people of the south are so cute, thinking three snowballs with sticks stuck in the center snowball qualifies as a proper snowman


but, so says the girl who hasn't ever ACTUALLY built a real, legit snowman herself.

later, i slowed it down after my big nature adventure by making cookies (don't be too impressed, they were plop-and-bake) and sitting on the couch, eating said cookies.

it is important to note that no cookie dough was consumed in the process of baking these cookies.

is this what it's like to be a grown up?

(no, i know it's not.) (it's more like when you're watching a movie like

endless love

 and during the part where the guy is delivering a monologue to the girl's parents about how he's not applying to college because all anyone needs is love and nothing else matters, you roll your eyes and literally say out loud, "yeah that's not real life.") (but okay, have you


that movie? it's basically the worse version of

the notebook


there was also some light kitty cuddling. "light," because i am allergic. "cuddling," because this one is very needy and when my roommates are out of town she is BESIDE HERSELF. and also i fear that if i don't give her some love she will follow through in her plots against me.

don't be fooled. she is the worst. (BUT LOOK AT HER FACE.)

and, well, i can't really remember what else happened over the weekend. mainly because i have no photos to show for anything. partly because it IS thursday, and the weekend was a long time ago. but, also because it mostly involved a lot of movie watching and nothing terribly noteworthy.

but there was this, from the book i'm currently reading. (

carry on, warrior.


they mean the same thing.