december, in photos.


(of all the different trees i saw in homes where i babysat throughout the month, the one my roommates' picked was my favorite.)

fashionABLE launched their flagship store. which is significant to me because my boss works there.

also minka kelly. i'm so excited i can't even keep my eyes open.

my roommate did one of those internet live shows. but i was there for the FOR REAL live show.

tab and i made dinner. and celebrated 2006.

tbcø volunteer christmas party.

i snap a photo of the franklin theatre every single time i visit franklin, and this particular week i actually went inside. twice.

(we saw it's a wonderful life and a christmas story.)

when your sister-in-law sends daily snaps of her hot chocolate with marshmallows, you go to the store and buy hot chocolate and marshmallows. (and candy canes, because christmas.)

being a nanny with friends who don't work 9-5 jobs means mid-day hangs to eat pizza rolls, drink peanut butter hot chocolate (because that is a thing that exists), and watch a stupid (good) christmas movie on netflix.