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this christmas.

luca is three years. jack is three months.

this was the christmas i arrived one day before christmas eve.

this was the christmas i kept asking luca if he wanted to take photos, because he loves taking them and i love keeping them.

this was the christmas i apparently thought it was okay to wear a white (ish) sweater while baking with chocolate. (it was, somehow.)

this was the christmas my mom friend, who owns a clothing company, handed out extra shirts she had and i snagged one for the sweetest little model (who is not yet old enough to run away or tell me no or swat the phone out of my hand).

this was the christmas everyone was sick.

this was the christmas these photos looked like ...this.

with lots of tissues.

this was the christmas there were two nephews. which meant i got to snuggle one of them during the gift-opening.

this was the christmas i woke up and went over to watch my nephews open presents and witness their christmas morning, and i never felt like i was missing out.

this was the christmas we all got new soma pajamas.


also the christmas T and lee had one grey wall in their living room.

this was the christmas luca got a nerf gun, and i was actually the only person in the room who could show him how to use it (thanks to all those nerf gun fights we used to have in the office).

this was the christmas luca told me santa would bring me a watch, because i didn't have one, without having any idea i didn't own a watch or that my parents had gotten me one.

this was jack's first christmas. i actually have no idea when this photo was taken, but it's too cute to not include.

this was the christmas i took these three photos and then promptly forgot where i put my phone.

merry christmas from me and the comfiest pajamas, which i put back on immediately after everyone left (and haven't taken off since).