finishing out 2016 like

snuggling jack because he needed to sleep and would only do that in this position. taking one for the team, here.

remembering that life i used to have in connecticut, and how bailey would sometimes sleep in my bed with me, and how that life sometimes feels like a whole separate thing from who i am now.

building a crocodile out of legos with no directions and being SUPER PROUD of myself. right before luca received it and told me "i love it!" and promptly began to take it apart, piece by piece, because he is three.

letting luca take photos with my phone because nobody likes being sick or going to the doctor.

being loud and silly and playing hide and seek with luca while jack ...slept through the whole thing.

holding jack, face-out always, and smooching his cheeks. always.

taking a million photos of this sweet face (awake, or sleeping) because i cannot cannot get enough of it.

laying on the floor and building legos and cheering on jack as he navigated rolling over.

and coloring. always coloring.

painting a few walls a particular shade of grey that now looks too much like blue and will maybe (probably) need to be repainted.

buying and selling and stacking ice cream. (and also building that stand all by myself.)

and, finally, wearing no clothes (him) and being a horse (me).

happy new year.