apple picking (but not eating).

this is the first year of my whole life that i am not only okay with the season change from summer to fall, but a little excited about it, even.

that is such a white-girl-in-yoga-pants-drinking-a-pumpkin-spice-latte thing to talk about. but i grew up in connecticut, where the seasons mostly consist of summer, a chilly day, winter, winter, winter, some rainy days, repeat. but maybe add some more "winter," as you see fit. the seven layers of clothing + a heavy jacket, hat and scarf cold lasts forever, is what i'm trying to say. the south has introduced me to the kind of fall that includes sweater weather and cute boots, rather than always having to choose warmth over fashion.

plus as a white girl who loves any and all pairs of stretchy pants who only discovered she liked coffee after trying a pumpkin spice latte, I AM THAT GIRL.

so, apple picking! fall! my roommate and a friend were going, and i tagged along because, why not? other than the fact that apple picking is a potentially torturous activity in which i hand-pick delicious fruit that i am allergic to and cannot eat. plus, there's the other part about the south, where summer bleeds into september, so no cute scarves or boots were worn. i was wearing a tank top and still sweating.

but, it was still so much fun and, not surprisingly (with a photographer roommate), it felt more like an impromptu photo shoot with a little apple picking on the side.

and, for the sake of documenting, comparison, and also hilarity. here is my favorite photo from the last time (i think?) i went apple picking. circa 2002-ish?


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crystal k. martel

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