listen to this : on repeat.

i drove to and from charlotte over the weekend for a quick, much needed trip filled with as many luca cuddles as i could possibly fit in. (but seriously, i hogged him.) (more on this later.) the two seven-hour drives there and back felt longer than usual, but i think i needed those, too. nothing forces you to calm down about life like being stuck in a car on a stretch of highway for hours. it's the  p e r f e c t  opportunity to think, pray, and listen to all the good music that's been released recently. and, i kid you not, this is all i listened to. over and over.

the civil wars | the civil wars

old news, but still worth mentioning. it's as good as everyone says.  and i feel a little sad that this might be all we get.

ellie holcomb | with you now

i just can't get enough of her voice though. when i first listened to drew holcomb and the neighbors, i remember thinking but what if she had an album that was just her voice? and, well, this.

matt wertz | heatwave

when there's this and this, do you really need any more convincing that this is an album worth listening to, and an artist worth supporting?

andrew belle | black bear

all i can really say is that once i start listening, i can't stop. just let me finish this song. just let me finish this album.

ben rector | the walking in between

it kept happening where i would think, "this song is my favorite." and then the next song wold play and i'd be like, "wait no this song is my favorite."

katy perry | "roar"

"i don't care who you are, that's just good shit." – my boss.