april, in photos.

molls + pizza + wine + cookies.

(first time at five points pizza, carrying wine + flowers.)

while babysitting one night, i noticed a tweet that drew's show was streaming on yahoo. i caught the last 40 minutes or so, and got to enjoy some incredible live music from the couch.

centennial park is my favorite. molls is pretty okay too.



on this particular weekend, i got the most sick i have been since moving to nashville. which is to say, i called my mom (or, texted her to call me) multiple times for the sake of having her on the phone to tell her i didn't feel good. there's just something about needing her to know, even if she is too far away to do anything about it.

except, she did text my roommate to make sure i was fed and hydrated and honestly, my roommate is the reason i'm still alive. i couldn't have done it without her.

on the first day i felt like a real person again, i tagged along with my roommates, to the most scenic bridge, to help out on the most fun photo shoot.

the most fun, even though i had a spider crawling on me at one point, and later, a tick. YOU GUYS. sometimes being outside is worth it.