if you're wearing a drew holcomb shirt,

i will probably stop talking, mid-sentence, and get excited like i know you, when you're actually a complete stranger i've never before seen in my life.

i will probably point it out, to whoever i'm with, and tell them how exciting it is to see one of the shirts i have taken inventory of and packaged and shipped, countless times, on a real person. in public.

it's like seeing a tour poster hung up in a window, with the date and venue on it, written in your handwriting. or seeing your name printed in an album you worked on.

i feel excited and proud and thankful, and i'll probably want to interrupt you, whatever you're doing, to tell you that. to shake your hand or give you a high five or something that lets you know how awesome you are. how much your support, in the form of purchasing (and wearing) a t-shirt, helps –– not only drew and his career and his family, but also the people who work for him. do you know that you have, indirectly, helped me pay my bills?

it's always neat to see someone wearing a t-shirt with the name of a band you love written across the front. if nothing else, you and that person have at least one thing in common. but to see someone wearing a t-shirt with the name of a band i not only love as a fan, but as someone who has had the opportunity to support with my time and energy and babysitting hours, is an incredible feeling.

chances are, i won't actually say all of this to you. what i'll say will sound more like, "hey i like your shirt!" as i walk by you, but i want you to know that what i really mean is, i love it. i love that you have it, that you bought it, that you're wearing it.

if you're wearing a drew holcomb shirt, thank you.