to clarify.

a couple months ago, i wrote this post about what a typical conversation sounds like when i first meet someone. i'm not going to rewrite the whole post, but basically, i end up talking about my dream to live in nashville and be a band manager but it's really just all talk because i don't have an official moving date. (or, i didn't.) and i mentioned that i couldn't wait for the in-between phase to be over so that when people asked, i could have definite answers.

well, friends. my in-between phase is over. kind of. i don't technically have a moving date, but i know that when i go to nashville for a wedding on may 12, i will not be coming back. realistically, my official moving date could be anywhere between may 5 to may 11. but that's progress! considering that it used to be anywhere between now and forever.

so, instead of saying "i want to move to nashville," i can say, "i'm moving to nashville in may." which i have been doing from time to time. or every time i have a conversation with a person i haven't already told. (and, of course, on my blog i like it mention it at least once every post. if i'm not already dedicating an entire post to the subject.) (but really, this is my life and this is what's happening to me. so don't expect me to not talk about it.) (T– think of it like practice.)

anyway, people (the ones who don't already know) generally have the same kinds of questions when i say that. "i'm moving to nashville in may." so here are the answers. the long versions.

do you have a job lined up already?

okay, no. but i saved enough so that i could move without already having a job. PLUS, i will probably end up working a few part-time jobs so that my schedule will be flexible enough to include my (unpaid) internship–which is the whole point of me moving. and you can't exactly line those up in advance, if you know what i mean.

also, it's called faith, people.

did you major in that?

(this question usually comes after i mention the band management thing.) well, it took me too long to figure out what i wanted, so i ended up majoring in communications. but there are majors for music management and all that.

did you already find an apartment and everything?

yes. i actually went apartment hunting when i visited nashville last march (i know. it's been FOREVER since i've been there.) and i found one i really liked, so all i had to do was call and see if they had one available. (it's an apartment complex.)

are you going for school or something?

no, i graduated last may. (note: i started saying last may instead of this past may. progress!)

(this answer sets them up for the next question, which is my favorite. it's like they don't understand why anyone would move away unless it involves going to school. especially if it doesn't involve a job.)

how long are you going for?

yeah. this question kills me. it was completely unexpected and the first time someone asked it, i didn't even know what to say. "um. forever?" i guess people aren't used to hearing about people moving a thousand miles away, from everything and everyone they know, to chase their dreams. people ask this question a lot.

i usually just say, "well i want to live there." and the replies vary between different levels of surprise.

maybe i should just start the conversation off with, "hi, i'm sarah. i'm a dreamer."