LISTEN TO THIS : andrew ripp + graham colton.

andrew ripp | simple

this record is an acoustic version of his latest release, won't let go, plus a cover of justin timberlake's "mirrors." apparently he's been getting requests upon requests for an acoustic record, since his live shows are generally stripped down, and the fans love it. i don't think i've ever seen him live and i'm quite a fan of the regular recordings, so i was a bit skeptical (read: nervous i'd hate it), but the fans know what they're talking about. the acoustic versions are certainly worth a listen. as for that JT cover? bold move with that song choice, but he totally rocks it.

graham colton | lonely ones

at first glance (literally, judging this book/record by its cover), i love it. as for the content, also love. i'm not really sure graham colton could record anything i don't love. his last record, pacific coast eyes, was one of my favorites, and this one is working its way up as well. these songs are a bit more fun and upbeat than his earlier stuff, but still keep his singer/songwriter sound. i've been a fan almost since the beginning, so it's been neat to hear how his sound changes and gets better with every record.