high five for friday.

it's friiiiday, and let's all rejoice because the high fives are back!

1. the weather on monday was GLORIOUS and i just wanted to take a moment to remember that it was sunny and 60 degrees. in january. because the rest of the week has been freezing. literally, freezing.


2. facetime with my favorite! those cheeks though.

3. my roommate and some of her friends decided to start a dinner club and try out different restaurants around town that they haven't been to before. i tagged along to their first dinner at husk and it was so delicious.

our server was basically like a real life leonard hofstadter, which was the greatest. i mean, the way he spoke and his glasses and he's studying physics! (if you don't know who leonard hofstadter is, you are really missing out.) he also told me i look like audrey tautou from amélie. …i'll take it.

(i got the vegetable plate, and so did alisha. this is her photo because it was dark and i have a 4s.) (first world problems, you know.)

4. i've been working on a post about the rest of my two weeks in charlotte and it's taking me the longest time because i just get stuck going through pictures and not being able to choose which ones to post. my nephew is the cutest ever though.

5. needtobreathe has a new record coming out (finally!) in april. it's called rivers in the wasteland and you can preorder it now and get two new tracks, "difference maker" and "the heart." i've been listening to them basically on repeat. this record is going to be so good.

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