baby bijou.

we got a new kitty. well, my roommates got a new kitty. here she is, meet bijou.

she is so sweet and tiny and cuddly and soft. oh my gosh, she is the


. i just want to smush her fur into my face. but of course, i don't. because, you know, allergies and i could die and stuff. but sometimes she comes over and climbs on top of me and settles in on my lap and i just let her because

how could i not?

i'm pretty okay as long as she's not touching my skin.

for a while there, she didn't have a name. well, she did. but we all kind of agreed that

mary ann

wasn't the name we wanted to call her. plus, we're pretty into calling our kitties "kitty" anyway. which only gets confusing when we're talking


them. when we're talking


 them, then it's just obvious by whichever one we're looking at. but they both respond to "kitty," which is a pretty neat trick when you're bored.

frigger, our original kitty, was not thrilled with the new addition and he spent most of the first day staring and hissing, but he's pretty warmed up to her now. i think he mostly tolerates her more than he actually likes her, but i'm crossing my fingers that one day i'll find them cuddling together on the couch or something and i'll just die from all the cute.

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