ANDREW RIPP : 02.14.2014

one of my interns asked about my valentine's day plans, so i told her i was seeing andrew ripp. by myself. and she responded by saying, "but andrew ripp will be there!" yes, yes he will be. along with his wife, probably.

interns are funny. (they also sometimes have crushes on our married artists.)

anyway, i mentioned a few weeks ago that he released an acoustic album called simple, based on the fans' love for his stripped down live performances and i have been so curious to see what the fuss was all about. to promote the album, he's out on the "simple" tour and played an incredible hometown show last friday night. incredible. and that live performance of "mirrors"? i want to record that and keep it in my pocket. the best.

andrew ripp should be on your list of must-sees. you won't be disappointed.

image credit goes to steve moakler, because i was never in any position with a clear view, which is actually kind of a funny story because it was josh jenkins from GRO (who is like seven feet tall) was the one who came and blocked my view. the 2009 fangirl me would have died, but the 2014 me moved and went upstairs, where i happened to run into my roommate who i didn't realize was also at the show.

also, light up letters are all the rage these days, apparently.