WATCH THIS : sugar + the hi-lows.

sugar + the hi-lows | "i've got you covered"

on sunday, i went to the nashville ballet and saw sugar + the hi-lows perform songs by johnny cash while some ballet dancers did their thing along to the music. it was pretty fantastic, to the point where thinking about how i almost didn't go makes me a little bit anxious. can you imagine if i missed out on THAT? i guess i wouldn't have known the difference, except i would have because the preview video. i watched it all of two times before texting my friend tabitha and asking if she would be willing to spend the money to go with me. i wasn't entirely sold on the ballet dancing (i've only seen like, the nutcracker?) but sugar + the hi-lows! and johnny cash music! those two pieces alone would be worth it. and it just. it was so good. it was all just really incredible.

(the video is a sugar + the hi-lows original, but it was one of my favorites from the show.)